"I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist we do this my way"

Diana is from Northern California, the land that has the essence of free spirit, great culture and independance. Diana has not forgotten where she's from and definitely possess all those atributes. Her roots are grounded and run deep. She is instinctual and raw but sweet too. At the age of 6 years old her father put her into a Karate class and ever since grew the confidence to hold her own no matter what. At the age of 8 she discovered the ballet when watching a ballarina who was Clara from the Nutcracker in her 5th grade class, looking back she never imagined she would one day be a working dancer today. Despite the odds of people not encouraging her to study the arts and go after her dreams she always had a quiet voice within her knowing... that was her path and ever since has only listened to that voice. Her first paying gig was at the age of 12 dancing on the opening credits for the Mickey Mouse Club, same show Britney, Christina and Justin were on. When she was 16 she danced for a Pilot in San Francisco and was introduced to the world of behind the scenes of Hollywood and was so interested in it that she decided that's what she wanted to study in College. Before she went off to Southern California to Cal State Northridge she danced for the Golden State Warriors for a year and then was off to Hollywood to dance and do school on the side. Film directing ultimately was her goal of a degree but took on the challenge of screenwriting instead. While in school she booked music videos like Slum Village's "Tainted" so many others and commercials like Coke Lime, two different McDonalds commercials, Pier One, TLC promo and a few others. Major motion picture films she has worked on are The Rundown and Coach Carter. She wanted to tackle stage work and was honored to play Michelle in Don B. Welch's play "The Bachelor Party" as well as Princess in "My Brothers Keeper" and just recently graced the stage in "the longest show in Hollywood" "Diary of a Catholic School Dropout. Currently shooting "The Complex" an AFI Film and more to come.